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MARS III Multiple Analytical Resonance System - 3.6 out of 5 based on 10 votes
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Radionic Test Kits MARS III Multiple Analytical Resonance System

Mars III System with the Hand ApplicatorsOpen up a new dimension to your work ..........
Mars III SystemFor over 65 years Bruce Copen Laboratories has developed complex as well as efficient yet easy to use medical devices. Founder Dr. Bruce Copen (1923-1998) was in many ways a pioneer and innovator. Among others he brought the principles of today's QuantumResponse® Technology from America to Europe. He developed numerous methods which are industry standards today.

Copen MARS III is the Copen Labs masterpiece and the most flexible of all Copen systems. The numbers speak for themselves: Several thousand practitioners use it every day with tremendous success around the world.
From the very beginning Bruce Copen Laboratories focus on determining the cause of a disorder and not the symptom. Their efforts are directed toward the holistic therapy of mind, body, and soul. Copen MARS III supports your work as a practitioner to find out what energetic factors trigger a disorder and then provide swift and reliable results – absolutely painless and noninvasive.
But Copen MARS III does not only analyze; it also administers the therapy based on state of the art quantum medicine.
Manufactured and listed as a medical scanning device class 11a according to ISO EN 13485

Bruce Copen LaboratoriesYou can rely on receiving products of the highest quality, because as one of the first manufacturers in our industry Copen Laboratories introduced a quality management in accordance with ISO 13485 in our production process. They are audited by MedCert every year to ensure continued high quality standards.

Video Presentation on the Mars III System

After studying the video, read on to learn about Copen MARS III and let the facts speak for themselves!

Efficiency for your Practice

Copen MARS III offers applications for either face to face consultations OR remote testing making clinic visits unnecessary for patients who cannot get to your clinic.

Mars III Doctor PatientCopen MARS III supports your daily work and gives you more time for the most important part – your patients!

Copen MARS III makes it possible for you to get an accurate and comprehensive bioresonance assessment of your patients with the advantage of directly follow-up therapy. You also benefit from extremely simple handling, transparency for your patients, and a significant amount of time saved.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • „„No complicated, time-consuming testing for patient or practitioner such as with EAV or singlehand rod – Copen MARS III automatically determines the resonance between patient and test sample. And it only takes a few minutes.
  • „„No complicated application of electrodes; neither for the analysis nor the therapy – patients simply place their hands on ergonomically shaped hand pads while sitting or lying down.
  • No investment in expensive test sets – over 60,000 digitized test sets are already included, and that at virtually every homoeopathic potency. Do you need additional test sets? Simply supplement your database by scanning test sets into your database according to your personal needs and ideas.
  • „„Creates tailored personal homeopathic remedies for each patient Also allows additional testing data to be added by the practitioner to personalize and pinpoint symptom causes.
With Copen MARS III you have a high-tech, computer-controlled system at your disposal to help you with the analysis and treatment of your patients.
  • „„No run-of-the-mill standard programs – Your patients are as unique as you are. Copen MARS III will show you within a few minutes the imbalances present in your patient and will enable you to apply exactly the therapeutic information you need.
  • „„No limits – Copen MARS III has an open database and can be adapted to your personal needs at any time. There are templates for various topics (e.g. allergies, diet profiles, vital substance requirement, detoxification therapy, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and many more) which you can edit yourself at any time to test special areas.
  • „„No isolated application – Copen MARS III can be combined with other products from our range, e.g. with Copen SuperTuning or Copen Qfield, to form a reasonable, therapeutic overall concept.
  • „„No expensive seminars – our therapists receive regular training through webinars which you can attend in the comfort of your practice. This means no travel expenses, no downtime at your practice, and no additional stress for you.

Therapeutic indications

Copen MARS III – as flexible as you!
Mars III Human MedicineHuman Medicine

Copen MARS III can be used in a wide range of applications in the field of human medicine. It has a holistic effect and acts on every level. It provides support in the therapy of organic as well as non-organic symptoms and acute as well as chronic disorders. It promotes balance and stability on the psychological level; the patient experiences a stressfree cure without suffering through traumas again.

Mars III Veterinary Medicine 
Veterinary medicine

Copen MARS III has also been very successful in veterinary medicine for many years. Significant improvements are achieved with regard to the musculoskeletal system, food test, allergies, mental condition, prophylaxis, and motivation. Copen MARS III is well suited for chronic disorders. Treatment is not invasive and therefore completely painless and stress free.

Mars III Personality Development and Coaching
Personality development/Coaching

Are you a coach or a business consultant and would like to provide optimal support to your clients for their personality development? Copen MARS III is the instrument for you. It shows in a clear and simple way where the blocks are located and tangibly unblocks them. Specific information will immediately support you during work.

Mars 3 Medical Wellness and Sports 
Medical Wellness and Sports
Thanks to its ability to bring harmony and balance, Copen MARS III is ideal for use in spas. Creating diet plans and determining the vital substance requirement are just one aspect. Copen MARS III specifically acts where the body needs it most. The organism is completely balanced and shows maximum performance. Not only athletes can access their entire strength and energy after treatment with the Copen MARS III.

Mars 3 Water Treatment 
Water treatment, building biology, and environmental technology

In the 1950s systems of Bruce Copen Laboratories were already successfully used in agriculture. Copen MARS III is used worldwide for water treatment in addition to the agricultural use. Contrary to many standard applications which are marketed in this area Copen MARS III comes with the advantage of individualization. For example, any kind of water can be analyzed and is treated in accordance with the exact information determined in this analysis. Copen MARS III also supports you in other fields, such as environmental technology and building biology, with the ever increasing electromagnetic pollution, geopathological disturbance zones, etc.

Work flow

This will get you to your goal fast and safely – without overlooking anything

The database of Copen MARS III is structured to guide you through the analysis process. You get a full scan of your patient's energetics within a matter of minutes and you can be sure that no aspect will be overlooked. Which is a solid foundation for a successful therapy.
one Mars III AnalysisAnalysis – Basis of the therapy
We first focus on the cause analysis regarding your patient's symptoms. Copen MARS III provides simple and quick solutions to help you find out what factors cause a disorder; these could be environmental toxins, psychosocial stressors, allergens or parasitic agents. What regenerative information does the body lack? What control fields are blocked?

Personal Consultations with the Patient or Remote Testing

The patient can be assessed with hand applicators or provide a sample of hair, urine or blood. The patient relaxes and places their hands on the ergonomically shaped applicators. Substance samples are placed in the opening of the device. The information provided is scanned and then analyzed. Over 60,000 digitized test options in the database are available for this purpose. You can immediately and distinctively see on the screen of the connected computer where the patient's energy field is blocked or disturbed. The result is now evaluated by the therapist and discussed while determining the medical history with the patient. By the way, you can also read medication with Copen MARS III and test their effectiveness with your patient – without any side effects.
two Mars III TherapyTherapy – Missing information is applied

The appropriate data are corrected in the patient's control fields in accordance with the analysis of the information provided.

The information is now given to the patient without causing any pain. This is again performed directly through the hand applicators or through the administration of homeopathic remedies imprinted by the Copen MARS III with the appropriate information. The information applied brings the patient's system back into balance, alleviate symptoms, and triggers the healing process.

In addition to direct balancing you can also program magnetic cards as another form of therapy – for the elimination of disturbances around the bed and workplace or just to carry along. Another plus of Copen MARS III is ColorTuning (needs to be purchased seperately) a unique color/sound module, which combines the knowledge and experience of the energetic chakra aura analysis.

The databases – the heart of the system

Mars III DatabasesOver 60,000 digitized test sets provide countless opportunities for analysis and therapy.

Copen MARS III comes standard with over 60,000 rates. We call information patterns rates which you use to analyze and treat your patients. They correspond to the test sets in common test procedures like EAV, RAC or kinesiology. The rates are cataloged in a total of 15 categories. The structure of the database is completely open so you can set up your own categories or create your own rates and/or digitalize substances. Each rate can be potentized in any amount of D, C, and LM potencies between 1 and 1031 (…a 1 followed by 31 zeros….).
MARS III Database Categories

Many voices – same view

Hear what users of the Copen MARS III System have to say;

"MARS III is a therapeutic device from Bruce Copen which is user-friendly and diverse in its application. I not only use MARS III as an individual device, for example, in color therapy, but also hook it up to the BICOM or MORA. This renders the diagnostics much more exact, for example, in terms of what lobe of the prostate is affected by cancer. My therapy has definitely become more successful by using MARS III." Andreas Ende, Alternative Therapist, Koblenz (Germany)

"My sister owns a farm. She came to me because one of her favorite cows was about to die after it had calved. The vet just said that there was no hope and it would have to be shot. After the first day of treatment, it ate again and in the meantime it is fit as a fiddle again." Marion Mairoll, Energy Practitioners, Salzburg (Austria)

"I have worked with MARS III for just under two months and am absolutely thrilled. First, I studied the options offered by the device on myself. It was interesting to note that the device can generally detect hormonal deficits in women with menopausal problems in the manufacturer range and then recommends herbal remedies against menopausal symptoms. When you are familiar with the preparations, you are able to ask for specific pathological pictures. " Dr. med. Ulla Mack-Ziegler, General Practitioner, Hollstadt (Germany)

Copen MARS III – the scientific basis

Mars III Morphogenetic FieldCopen MARS III follows the principles of quantum or information medicine. Since paradoxes within energy medicine which show similarities to the phenomena of quantum physics are often encountered, the term "quantum medicine" is more and more used. Quantum medicine assumes that humans, like any other life form, can generally be viewed on three levels: on the material, on the energetic and on the information level. The latter is relevant for quantum medicine: the morphogenetic fields which form the information level.

The morphogenetic fields (abbreviated MGF) assume essential control functions in the organism. When the control circuits between MGF and organism are disturbed or blocked, the organism is out of balance. Pathological symptoms develop which often have multiple causes.
Now, Copen MARS III analyzes the disturbance factors are present in order to provide the body with the missing information, which will in turn bring it back into balance. The patient is balanced again, the regulation processes return to normal, the biological system heals through its selfhealing powers.

The gap between electromagnetic frequencies and mere information is bridged by Copen MARS III through its QuantumResponse® technology. At the heart of this technique are so-called Tesla coils. Their special geometry generates pure, scalar information from electric frequencies which are essentially identical to morphogenetic fields (MGF). This makes communication with the MGF possible during analysis as well as during therapy.
Morphogenetic Field Theory
The world from the information medical perspective
In addition to classical physics, which describes the macroscopic world, the world which surrounds us, the physics of the smallest parts (quantum physics) has developed during the past 100 years. While matter and physical energy (potential, thermal, kinetic energy, etc.) move within time and space, philosophical interpretations of quantum physics suggest the existence of an information field which transcends time and space.

Copen MARS III – the whole system

Copen RadionicsThe Copen MARS III system comprises:
  • Scope4 control software for Copen MARS III
  • Copen MARS III hardware
  • 2 MAX hand applicators with Tesla coils
  • Starter kit with EECS cards, globules, and flat-bottom glasses
  • Manual
  • Language module for: German, English, Spanish
For immediate operation you only need a common computer or notebook with the following minimum requirements:
  • 2048 MB RAM
  • DualCore processor from 1.8 GHz
  • 300 MB available hard disk space
  • CD/DVD drive
  • MS Word (to print out records)
  • USB or Ethernet connection
On Apple computers the Scope4 software is run to control Copen MARS III in the BootCamp mode or the virtualization environment "Parallels" with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10.

Mars III Manual and Operating Guide

Copen Multiple Analytical Resonance System MARS III
Including MAX handapplicators, Scope4 software and Free Courier Delivery
  • Note: For orders to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Andorr, Mexico, Latin America, or Columbia, please click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for enquiries regarding purchases.
No Discount available Price: $10095.00


Copen MARS III / SuperTuning Package

  • Copen MARS III with MAX handapplicators and Scope4 software
  • SuperTuning Basics - Hardwade Qbit, MAX handapplicators and SuperTuning software
  • Soundmodule for SuperTuning Planet sounds in Hemisync® quality, incl. headphone
  • ColorLab pro High power USB color lamp, including Tripod (Z-07589)
  • Free Courier Delivery

Note: For orders to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Andorr, Mexico, Latin America, or Columbia, please click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for enquiries regarding purchases.

No Discount available Price: $12995.00



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