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Natures Energies New Age Store – Unique Metaphysical Gifts and Alternative Medicine Products - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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Welcome to Nature's Energies ...

Natures Energies - Your Personal Online New Age Superstore

“That which is looked upon by one generation as the apex of human knowledge is often considered an absurdity by the next, and that which is regarded as a superstition in one century, may form the basis of science for the following one." Paracelus (1493-1541)

Natures Energies Office BuildingOver 1300 metaphysical and new age store products and topics to browse and learn about online!

Here you'll discover everything to do with the natural energies in our beautiful world and how we can use those energies to better our health and our environment. We can broadly surmise the products that Natures Energies stocks into the following categories;

  • Alternative Medicine Products
  • Health
  • Metaphysics
  • Energy Medicine
  • Information

You will probably find it easiest using the menu to the left to navigate your way through your favorite topics and throughout our store. Many of our products make excellent new age store gift ideas!

Our Mission
We aim to offer visitors a range of options, to help them grow and to explore best who they are and what they are about spiritually, mentally and physically. Through presenting these choices, visitors are empowered to recognize those paths that resonate with them most strongly and personally, and to move forward to the realization of their full potential. Our products are selected carefully, to ensure that you get the best in quality, value and satisfaction, giving you the opportunity to satisfy the inner calling that many of our visitors experience today. 

atomWe are mainly made from energy. We are not physical particles!

Scientific Fact: There are an estimated 1089 atoms in the entire universe (that's a 1 with 89 zeros after it!), and if they were all compressed together, they would fit into a space smaller than a hydrogen atom. That is because the universe is mainly built from energy, and not particles.
"Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter." Albert Einstein

Reaching Beyond the Limitations of Classical Science

Watch the following video with Rupert Sheldrake describing how science has evolved to a point that where we are now limited by the foundational dogmas of science, and materialistic viewpoints that stop us looking beyond a mechanical universe, a principle originally formulated in the 17th century. It is interesting viewing and shows how we are bound by a limited belief system from the evolution of scientism that shapes the world we live in today. Interestingly, Sheldrakes speech was recorded but was banned from display on the official TED website. Why? Because it caused people to open their minds and reject many so-called scientific facts by revealing that the game was crooked. In science, we are taught that certain facts are unchanging laws. These laws then become the foundation upon which all research is built. What happens if these laws are not unchanging and, in fact, the game is rigged by “professionals” who have their own status in mind first and the laws of nature last?

You can watch read more about Sheldrake and his theory on the existence of a morphogenetic field, the very field that makes Nature exist and progress in the way it does. There is further reading on this on the same page with the theories of German physicist Heim who lost eye sight hearing and hands in an accident, and was able to view the world differently and mathematically define the 5th and 6th dimensions, and how our reality manifests from these hyperspace dimensions. It makes interesting reading.

An example of such a law is the speed of light. “The speed of light = 299 792 458 meters / second.” (In a vacuum. – PVR). Notice how clean and factual and authoritative that statement is? No messing about; this is what it is and always shall be. The problem with this specific fact, as with almost all facts, is that it is wrong. The speed of light was monitored constantly between 1928 and 1945 and found to drop about 20Km/s during that time period. This severely upset the world view of Metrologists. Metrology is the science of measurement and is made up of folks who define measurements for the rest of us. They solved the problem in 1972 by redefining the meter in terms of the speed of light. When the speed of light changes, the length of the meter changes accordingly, in order to maintain the constant. In other words, the speed of light is now a lie and everything based upon the speed of light or the length of the meter is wrong. A similar thing has happened with the Gravity constant.

Natures Energies is all about looking beyond these limited beliefs and at new products and services that reach into the very basis of Nature, and not by what science defines through constitutional foundation which is not necessarily always correct.

Our Customer Base is Worldwide

We have a worldwide delivery service to every country with a range of delivery options which is in many cases quicker than delivery using your own local post! The map below shows where our customers are located using realtime data.
So how much is postage to your address? Simply add the items you are ordering to your shopping cart, and then use your shopping cart to see the options available for your country, and the shopping cart will calculate delivery costs for you.
Delivery/Postal Address: Natures Energies, 3 Wagtail Court, Narre Warren, VIC 3805, Australia
"Thank you for your feedback request. I have never found an online store that was more responsive to my needs and questions. The service and experience exceeded my expectations at every turn." S. Bookman, Peru
"Your service and products are simply put, amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Lynn MI, U.S.A
Our delivery services include;
International Courier 

2-4 days
Includes Tracking
Insurance Optional

Economy Air Mail
7-10 days
No Tracking
Insurance Optional
Pack and Track Air Mail
7-10 days
Only available for some countries
Includes Tracking
Insurance Optional
You can see the costs for delivery to your address AFTER you have added the items you are ordering to your shopping cart. For instructions on how to determine shipping costs to your address, click here.

Linking Science with the Paranormal

There are many powers in the observable world which we are yet to understand. Many of the subjects covered by Natures Energies discuss what are known as pseudo science topics, things that are observable, or reportedly anecdotally (without a statistical basis), yet unexplainable. In the last 20 years, science has advanced further and there have been ongoing experiments to gain insight and understanding to topics that were once considered rubbish, or unbelievable. The following video details some of the modern research taking a serious look at the paranormal rather than dismissing it. It discusses;

  • The Global Consciousness Project and the work of Dr Roger Nelson at Princeton University.
  • Psychokinesis and Telekinesis
  • The Cognitive Science Laboratory and the work of Schmitt
  • The Society of Psychical Research
  • The PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) Institute where the power of the subconscious mind on random event electronics is examined.

Are we Living in a Holographic Universe?

The universe may be a hologram, according to a new mathematical model developed at the Vienna University of Technology. If this is true, it means we could all be living our lives in just two spatial dimensions, rather than the familiar three of length, width and height.
The idea of a  holographic universe shows that the physical world that we perceive through our senses as being real is in fact an illusion. Energy fields are in fact decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world, as described in the following video.

Feng Shui tips for the current year

baguaEach year we update the Feng Shui tips for the current Chinese year to enable yourself and your family to have a great life. Make sure that you visit the Feng Shui section to the follow the tips for the current year or to prepare for the Feng Shui year ahead. It could be as simple as placing a cheap Feng Shui remedy in one of the 8 sectors of your home to ensure your child does well at school, that you do well in your career, or that you guarantee a successful marriage.

Make sure that you also follow the Other Important Feng Shui Hints and Tips to make a better life for yourself. This particular section is easy to follow tips that require no investment or remedies, which ensure that your home makes it easier for the chi energy to follow throughout your home, thereby guaranteeing a better life. Feng Shui-ing your home could be the best thing you ever did.

Many people simply fix their wealth sector, and watch over the coming months and years their financial affairs work for the better, but we recommend that you check all of the 8 feng shui sectors shown on the bagua to ensure your life flows better. You would not want your financial affairs to be repaired, followed by a failed marriage so be sure to fix all sectors in the bagua.



Top Selling Items


Whats New?

Hypertronic ProHypertronic Pro
Possibly our greatest energy medicine instrument .....
We are pleased to announce the release of a very powerful energy medicine instrument, namely the Hypertronic ProHypertronic ProAchieve good health physically, emotionally and mentally through use of this simple to use radionics system. Broadcast healing energies or psychometry with no limitation on distance, or make vibrational medicine remedies in an instant. Little to no training required in use of this scientific instrument. Suitable for both Professionals Therapists or the Home User seeking to eliminate dis-ease or to maintain good health. The Hypertronic Pro Hypertronic Pro is a radionic machine rich with features for those on a budget. Competitor systems are often in excess of $10K, but this unit is a little less than $1400. 
  • Create or copy virtually an vibrational medicine remedy in the form of pillules, drops or balms, including homoeopathics at any potency, flower essences, radionic rate remedies and so on. We have 4 free to download guides available with electronic homeopathy and all other rates needed.
  • Broadcast healing frequencies to anywhere worldwide using biological sample targeting.
  • Amplify your own will power electronically using in built psychometry electronics, and manifest your desires and dreams.
  • Integrate with the Photon Sound Beam to broadcast healing frequencies, or incorporate BioMirror frequencies into the delivery of the Photon Sound Beam.
  • Connect the Hypertronic Pro to your computer and use Rife Frequency software and Hulda Clarke Frequencies to target specific ailments. Over 700 preset disease frequency patterns to select from.
We have developed a separate web site specifically for this powerful new instrument. Click herehere to learn more about the Hypertronic Pro Hypertronic Pro.

Lightworkers Healing Method


Lightworkers Healing Method

This powerful new healing method shows that we do not need to be gifted individuals to achieve miraculous healings. Through our own guides and lightworkers, we are easily able to achieve the healings that we or others require while here in this Earth dimension.

The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a multi-dimensional energy healing system where you are guided by angelic entities, higher dimensional guides and interactive lightbeings. This powerful healing method can improve any physical, mental, spiritual r aspect in your life, or another person's life to which you apply the method. There are no limits in this method. It can in fact be applied not only to humans, but (with the receivers permission) it can be applied to your pets, your community, your relationships, your business - virtually anything!

Click here to find out how you can access and learn about this powerful method of divine healing.

Natures Energies Bioenergy Health Bracelet

Natures Energies Health BraceletThe Therapeutic Health Bracelet features 5 different types of therapeutic inlays on the inside of the bracelet, which transmit therapeutic energies when they make contact with the skin of the wearer.

Developed by Natures Energies, it is based around the Bioenergy Pendant, a similar therapeutic device incorporating inlay technologies. The Bioenergy Pendant was originally launched by Natures Energies in 2011 and in time it has not only become popular with many users worldwide, it has had excellent feedback.

The Health Bracelet can be considered as an improvement in the technology of the Bioenergy Pendant as it;

  • incorporates 2-3 times the number of inlays when compared to the Bioenergy Pendant making it a far more powerful therapeutic device
  • uses pure germanium metal as one of the inlays as opposed to powdered germanium (which was in earlier versions of the Bioenergy Pendant) making this inlay far more powerful
  • gives the user the option of wearing a therapeutic bracelet instead of a therapeutic pendant
  • gives the user the ability to wear the health bracelet and the orgone energy pendant at the same time (very powerful combination!)
Click here to read more about the Bioenergy Health Bracelet.
Sacred Geometry
We have just recently introduced into our unique new age store sacred geometry jewellery into our huge range of newage store products. Sacred geometry is a gateway through which we are able to achieve a connection with creation, by-passing religion, intelligence, fear and other hindrances which otherwise distract us from reaching the source. Read our recent article on sacred geometry and test and try the jewellery.
Study and apply the 7 Universal Laws of Life. Once you understand, apply and align yourself with these Universal Laws, you will experience transformation in every area of your life beyond that which you have ever dared to imagine.

Inert Gas Devices

Inert Gas DevicesWe have finally released our latest technology after months of development, namely the Inert Gas Devices. These devices are unique to Natures Energies, and can dissolve negative thought forms (often thought of as the basis to much disease), regenerate tissue (yes really!), open psychic ability and assist in so many areas of health and spirit. They use quantum science and really are worth reading about.

Click here to read what these powerful devices can do for you and for your health. There are some amazing case studies you can read about. Whether you are seeking good health within yourself, or whether you are a therapist these devices are particularly essential to you.

Do you wear glasses? We now carry in the Natures Energies New Age Store a range of pinhole glasses. Beware of the dangers of sunlight, and ensure that you have your SunMate UV tester with you while at the beach or snow, or while doing outdoor activities. Your skin and eyesight are worth more to you than you think!

Keep your dog and cat in good health using magnetic health collars - important if your pets are in their senior years and therapeutic for the younger ones too! We've also added shock absorbing leashes for your dog to take the strain away from your shoulder, and to protect your dog's neck while walking him or her.

Have a look a some of our new divining products, including the Oracle Cards, the I-Ching Coins and Decoder and Scrying Mirrors. Our online metaphysical store also has some other exciting new products, including the Schumann Generators that generate life giving Orgone Energy. They can also be used to re-charge the lifeless food and drink that we are so used to eating using. Read about it on the Food Re-Energizers page.
The subconscious mind is considered to be the source or root of many of our behaviors, emotions, attitudes and motivations. Hypnosis is believed to be a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious mind and creating dramatic improvements in our lives. Hypnotherapy can treat anything from Obsessive Compulsive disorder, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, irritable bowel syndrome, fears like fear of flying and any other fears, ADHD, migraines, to name just a very few. Hypnosis can help treat just about any disorder that shows up in a therapist’s diagnostic manual. Self-hypnosis audio’s can sometimes stand alone or work in addition to other therapies. Owning your own hypnosis audio gives you the ability to have a session as often as you need or want to, and then to use the audio as intermittent motivation to empower yourself to secure the changes you have decided to make in your life.

We have recently introduced the Redox Antistress® Ring Biostimulator. If you have an addiction or a habit that you are interested in conquering, then the Redox Antistress® Ring Biostimulator may well be the answer for you.

Chronic Pain Relief DeviceThe ReliefMate 200 Chronic Pain Relief Device is designed to minimize pain and provide long lasting relief. Chronic pain, such as arthritis, back and neck pain and headaches, often leads to not only fatigue, but are also known to cause depression or anxiety, weaken the level of physical activity and can even interfere with work and regular everyday activities. The ReliefMate has been clinically tested to severely reduce chronic pain by 72% in an average of 6 days. Click here to read more about this amazing new device.

View our article on maintaining a great relationship with your partner or with your lover, and learn how to avoid the 10 deadly sins.Maintaining Good Relationships


Are you interested in wholesale purchases? If you are prepared to buy bulk quanties for reselling through your business, we can provide some selected items to you. We have listed these items on our wholesale purchasing page.